Puppy Reservations
****All /any individuals who are interested in adopting a  SiberTrott puppy please read below

1. SiberTrott Reg'd Siberians will NOT reserve a puppy for only eye colour.
BREEDER can not guarantee eye colour or coat colour.
All puppies sold as pet puppies must and will be spayed/neutered by 6months 5 days old FIRM. All registration papers
will be in BREEDERS name until proof of spay/neuter has been done and proof must be provided,
(Breeder still holds the right to extend the time before transfer of ownership is complete if  BREEDER feels just cause)
If any part of the Breeders contact has been broken all guarantees will be NIL and VOID

2. BREEDER and STUD DOG OWNER will always have 1st pick in the litter,
once pick puppy/puppies have been made, BREEDER holds the right to pick suitable pup matched to suitable new owner
(Breeder will match puppy to new owner)
Puppy Buyers have a maximum time limit of 3 weeks after the pups become available to make their puppy choice
(Breeder needs to be able to know what's available for puppy inquiries)
BREEDER does not have to justify keeping a puppy back

3. After receipt of deposit, should the BUYER changes his/her mind for whatever reason,
there will be NO refund this is FIRM.

If after signing this agreement the BREEDER has doubts for any reason against the BUYER
the BREEDER reserves the right to cancel this agreement at which time the deposit will be refunded.
             **BREEDER will always go on their gut feeling***

5.  BREEDER has 1 year from date of deposit to fulfill the reservation, or refund the deposit
(unless BUYER has backed out of reservation, there will be NO refund
(if BREEDER wishes to refund the deposit the 1 year time frame is still in effect, BREEDER makes this decision)

6. Deposits of $200 is minium required by either E-Transfer, cash, money order or certified cheque